How to boost your immune system naturally?

Our immune system is the best doctor against diseases and viruses. We need to understand that many times while medication brings about relief, they merely suppress the symptoms and do not cure them. In order to facilitate our immune system to perform at its optimal state, we need to nourish it properly. A healthy immune system not only helps in the recovery, it is also the best prevention against diseases. So how can we boost our immune system naturally? I would attribute mainly to these 2 areas:- Read more


Herbs has been used by mankind since ancient time as natural remedies.There are even verses in the bible that mention about herbs for healing. It is amazing that nature  provides us with many herbs and plants that we need for natural healing.

Elderberry is one of the plants that we commonly use medicinally at home for colds and flus and also as a form of preventive measure to boost immunity. Traditionally, people also used them in dishes and beverages. It is also interesting to know that people in the past also used the elderberry plant to ward off witches or evil spirits! I can Read more