Garlic , the natural antibiotic

To say that garlic is just a food is an understatement. It is nothing less than a superfood. The medical benefit of garlic is something we cannot ignore. It is popularly called stinking rose and finds its roots in Egypt and India. It has a spicy flavour and a pungent taste. Allin is a natural component of garlic which has high medicinal value. On crushing garlic, this compound is released and converted into a volatile oil, allicin, its main active ingredient. Allin is a powerful natural antibiotic that kills off bacteria. It is also anti-viral and anti-fungal. Garlic contains several other oils too such as ajoenes and terpenes and essential water-soluble vitamins. In comparison to the health benefits garlic provides, it is a cost effective food that makes dishes very tasty too.


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Marshmallow Roots Benefits

Marshmallow root is a plant that is native to Africa and some parts of Europe, and it is used to make herbal treatment which has been used for centuries now. Its leaves and roots are used in making medicine and are also used as flavoring agents in foods. Marshmallow root is tolerated well and is easy to digest, though it has some side effects if you take it together with other types of medications. It is safe to use though few people have reported its side effects. Therefore, doctors recommend that this medication should be used about 1 hour or 2 hours before taking any other medication, in order to prevent side effects. Marshmallow root can be found in various forms; powder form, in extract form, made into an herbal tea, within ointments of the skin, and as a supplement. The form of marshmallow root you should use and the dosage usually depend on the condition you want to treats. I am going to discuss the benefits of marshmallow root, where to buy it and also the possible side effects that it is associated with it.


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Benefits of taking cinnamon

Cinnamon has been around since the early 2000 BC in Egypt where it was first imported and used as a gift or offering to monarchs and gods. It was one of the most prized possessions in the Mediterranean for many centuries because of its limited supply. Cinnamon has two main species available in the market: the Cinnamomum verum or Ceylon Cinnamon is considered to be the “true cinnamon” and also the best type of cinnamon while the Cinnamomum cassia or also known as Chinese Cinnamon, is the one used in cinnamon rolls and other pastries. Cinnamon cassia is the most common and available species in the international trade scene where it is mostly exported from India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Bangladesh. There are other species of cinnamons from these countries too where each has its own uses. Because of its growing popularity, cinnamon has been used for food, beverage and even for its medical benefits. What is the health benefits of cinnamon?

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Peppermint Herb Benefits

Peppermint is highly known for its amazing benefits to human health. Originally grown in Europe and the Middle East, the plant is now widely grown worldwide. A hybrid between water mint and spearmint, peppermint is well known for its medicinal, therapeutic and antibacterial properties to name a few. The herb can be used externally and internally as a cure to various ailments and skin related disorders.

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Health benefits of eating cilantro

Cilantro otherwise known as Chinese parsley or coriander is usually used in Chinese dishes as a topper to add colour to the dishes. It is also used in other Asian cuisine to add flavor to the dishes. Before I came to know of the health benefits of eating cilantro, I usually ate the rest of the dish and threw away the cilantro, thinking they are just garnishes. Little do I know that this tiny herb actually has amazing health benefits when consumed.

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Cardamom, a spice used by the Indians in their cooking, is very aromactic and has a rich spicy and warm property. The spice is actually derived from the seeds of two genera of Cardamom plants-Elettaria (green) and Amomum (black). They are part of the Zingiberaceae family, similar to Ginger. Besides being used in cooking, Cardamon has many health and medicinal benefits and hence were used in Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicines. Read more


Herbs has been used by mankind since ancient time as natural remedies.There are even verses in the bible that mention about herbs for healing. It is amazing that nature  provides us with many herbs and plants that we need for natural healing.

Elderberry is one of the plants that we commonly use medicinally at home for colds and flus and also as a form of preventive measure to boost immunity. Traditionally, people also used them in dishes and beverages. It is also interesting to know that people in the past also used the elderberry plant to ward off witches or evil spirits! I can Read more