Garlic , the natural antibiotic

To say that garlic is just a food is an understatement. It is nothing less than a superfood. The medical benefit of garlic is something we cannot ignore. It is popularly called stinking rose and finds its roots in Egypt and India. It has a spicy flavour and a pungent taste. Allin is a natural component of garlic which has high medicinal value. On crushing garlic, this compound is released and converted into a volatile oil, allicin, its main active ingredient. Allin is a powerful natural antibiotic that kills off bacteria. It is also anti-viral and anti-fungal. Garlic contains several other oils too such as ajoenes and terpenes and essential water-soluble vitamins. In comparison to the health benefits garlic provides, it is a cost effective food that makes dishes very tasty too.


The WHO promotes consumption of one clove of garlic daily for maintaining optimum health. Here are a few benefits of consuming garlic daily:

It reduces and helps in preventing metabolic syndromeMetabolic syndrome is a syndrome when you suffer from either three of these diseases – hypertension, obesity, excessive fat around the waist, diabetes, high serum cholesterol, and hypertriglyceridemia. The volatile oil of garlic reduces the plague which forms in arteries, increases sensitivity of cells to insulin and burns fat.

Lowers the risk of cancerLiterature published in Cancer Prevention Research in 2013 reported that those who consume garlic at least twice a week showed lower rates of lung cancer. Daily consumption of garlic also reduces the risk of colorectal cancer and pancreatic cancer
Treats coldYou feel weak and think that you might be falling sick soon? Make yourself a steaming cup of garlic tea and you will feel all strong and bright within an hour. All you have to do is boil a cup of water and brew crushed garlic into it for around 5 minutes. And, guzzle down the goodness. Garlic has huge amounts of antioxidants which work magic
Delays dementia and other age-related memory disordersThe antioxidants present in garlic reduce the body’s oxidative stress. High oxidative stress is related to impaired memory and cognitive illness
It is anti-inflammatory in natureGarlic's anti-inflammatory power is only second to turmeric. Garlic deserves it anti-oxidant power from its active ingredient, allicin. Consuming anything in its raw and fresh form is always the best. Cooking tends to decrease its nutritional quality. Consumption of fresh garlic is better than garlic powder because garlic powder has very little antioxidant and volatile oil. While consuming fresh garlic it is important to crush or grate the cloves because only then will the volatile oil will be available for use. While adding it to your food while cooking, make sure you don’t crush or grate it more than 10 minutes before adding it to your food to maximise the nutritional value of this superfood.

Garlic consumption fights against diabetesGarlic has shown to regulate blood glucose levels by increasing the sensitivity of body cells to insulin. A study done on rats proved it true. The rats were fed with raw garlic extracts for 7 weeks and the effects were astonishing. They showed 57 percent less serum glucose, 40 percent less serum cholesterol and 35 percent less serum triglyceride

Garlic adds flavor to our food, has wonderful properties that we can make use to prevent illness,keeping our immune system healthy, it also can be used to treat illness as a natural remedy. No reason not to include garlic in your diet today!

6 thoughts on “Garlic , the natural antibiotic

  1. So many benefits! Wow! I use garlic all the time but I wasn’t aware of its benefits until now! My husband will kill me but I would use it more now that I read this post! 🙂
    Best wishes,

  2. I personally hate garlic and even though I know it has good properties, I always try to avoid eating it, except for garlic bread.

    Have you heard of black garlics? I recently came across this product and it underwent a special treatment to make it turn black. The black garlic is supposed to have even better good properties and beneficial to health. Luckily its taste is not too bad, a bit sweet in fact, so I recommend this product to you.

    1. Hi Moon, fried garlic is nice. I hated garlic if its semi cooked , raw is fine for me though. Yes I have heard of the black garlic, those are fermented garlic. Are they spensy (I assumed you bought them)? I am aware we actually can ferment them ourselves.

  3. Hi, Wendy!
    I usually don’t use garlic, because I don’t like it. Sometimes I eat garlic, but not fresh. I know that it has so many benefits. But I like turmeric and ginger better.
    Do you know that too much garlic is bad for your health? It can be even toxic for some people. Actually, the oldest form of medicine in the world (Ayurvedic medicine) doesn’t recommend garlic at all. So garlic has benefits, but people need to be careful too.
    Thank you for this article!

  4. Hi Linda,

    thanks for sharing on the toxic side of garlic. I do know that if you are meatless diet, its better not to take garlic. In any case too much of anything is not good, we should strive to eat a wholesome balanced diet, rotating among the various types of food.

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