How to boost your immune system naturally?

Our immune system is the best doctor against diseases and viruses. We need to understand that many times while medication brings about relief, they merely suppress the symptoms and do not cure them. In order to facilitate our immune system to perform at its optimal state, we need to nourish it properly. A healthy immune system not only helps in the recovery, it is also the best prevention against diseases. So how can we boost our immune system naturally? I would attribute mainly to these 2 areas:-

1.We are what we eat

There is a saying in Chinese “祸从口出, 病从口入” which literally means illness enters by the mouth and trouble comes out by the mouth. There is so much wisdom in this phrase.

With the advancement of mankind and advancement of technology, the pace of life have also quicken especially in developed countries. People want things fast and convenient. Processed food is the product of such demands. While processed food bring great convenience, many of the processed food also bring about many health issue when they are consumed in the long term. This is one of the reason why with the advancement in medicine, technology, diseases are still on the rise. Heart attacks, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure are common health issues today.

Eating whole plant food is beneficial to our health and can boost our immunity. They provide our body with disease fighting nutrients that our cells need. The 3 major disease fighting nutrients from whole plant food are antioxidants, phytochemicals and polysaccharides.


They are substances that destroy free radicals, and protect cells against oxidation caused by free radicals .Free radicals can cause the mutations of cells, hence causing cancer and other diseases.


They are compounds that are naturally found in plants. These compounds possess anticancer properties. Indoles, isothiocyanates, flavonoids and isoflavones are some of the common classes of phytochemicals. Different plants contain different types of phytochemicals. Therefore, we need to eat a wide variety of plants to obtain the different types of phytochemicals


They are long chain molecules found in mushrooms. Polysaacharides can inhibit tumour growth, boost the immune system and have anti cancer properties.

Remember to include a wide variety of plant food and mushrooms in your daily meals. Think colourful!

2. Moderately active lifestyle


Exercise is beneficial to health. Moderate exercise such as daily walks help to maintain weight, keeps the joints, muscles and bones in healthy state. Workout also reduces stress and in the process of exercising, you will sweat and sweat is a form of detoxification. However, too much intense exercise can bring about health issue as well. Engaging in a steady, consistent low intensity exercise is the best.


Lack of sleep can not only affect our memory, our weight and our nervous system, it can also weaken our immune system. Deprived of only 2 or 3 hours of sleep in a week can have an impact on our immunity.


Everyone faces some kind of stress daily. Some stress can be good example racing in a competition. The type of stress that is harmful to your health is the constant stress that frays the nerves and make knots in the stomach caused by constant anxiety and worry. While we can’t avoid stress, we can learn to manage it.


Fill your life with happiness, be happy. Try to keep your cool as anger can be harmful to health. When you are angry, your stress hormones rise too, causing a surge in fatty acid levels in blood glucose levels and it can block off hundreds of small blood vessels, triggering heart attacks in some cases. Hence, laugh more, be positive and be happy.

In summary, eating wholesome plant food, having a moderate active lifestyle and keeping yourself happy can boost your immune system. Prevention is always better than cure. Take charge of your health today.


6 thoughts on “How to boost your immune system naturally?

  1. Hi Wendy. Thanks so much for sharing. I suffer with IBS and have done since I was a teenager. I have found that processed foods really don’t agree with me so it was interesting to read about the three major disease fighting nutrients you can intake from plants. I also had no idea that missing out on just 2-3 hours sleep could affect your immune system either. Thanks for an enlightening post!

    1. Hi Louise,
      I am glad you managed to nail your IBS and discover early that processed foods don’t agree with you. Stay Healthy!

  2. I think what I need the most is sleep. It is the time when our bodies get to repair and rebuild. I will definitely try to include more veggies and mushrooms into my diet. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Wendy and thank you very much for this article. My attention was drawn to the fact that peaceful sleep is very good for our immune system. I see from the reviews that there are others who also picked up on this.
    Can you suggest ways in which we can assure ourselves of a good nights rest ? Is it the bed, the pillows, not eating chocolate at night before bed, no screens before bed . . .?
    Would love to hear your opinion. Your article really taught me a lot today.

    1. Hi Roy,
      Screen time before bed, eating too much before bedtime will certainly affect. Personally, winding down before bedtime with a warm shower, diffusing some lavender essential oil or dabbing some on the pillow/bed help me to relax for bedtime. You can try hot foot soak with magnesium flakes / epsom salt before bed too.

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