Marshmallow Roots Benefits

Marshmallow root is a plant that is native to Africa and some parts of Europe, and it is used to make herbal treatment which has been used for centuries now. Its leaves and roots are used in making medicine and are also used as flavoring agents in foods. Marshmallow root is tolerated well and is easy to digest, though it has some side effects if you take it together with other types of medications. It is safe to use though few people have reported its side effects. Therefore, doctors recommend that this medication should be used about 1 hour or 2 hours before taking any other medication, in order to prevent side effects. Marshmallow root can be found in various forms; powder form, in extract form, made into an herbal tea, within ointments of the skin, and as a supplement. The form of marshmallow root you should use and the dosage usually depend on the condition you want to treats. I am going to discuss the benefits of marshmallow root, where to buy it and also the possible side effects that it is associated with it.


Marshmallow Roots Benefits

1. It reduces the retention of water in the body
Marshmallow roots act similar to water pills whose intention is to lower the retention of fluid in the body and a bloated stomach. If your hormone levels or diet makes your body retain water which makes you feel uncomfortable, then marshmallow roots will help solve your problem by increasing your urination and balancing fluids in your body.

2. Treating coughs and colds
If you are suffering from a cough, sore throat or cold you can take marshmallow root to help reduce the pain you are having, swelling or congestion. It has antitussive properties and abilities that are mucilage which help in reducing both the irritation of the throat and swelling of lymph nodes, speeding up the healing period and reducing dry coughing that is aggravating. This is the reason why you find a marshmallow extract added in most cough syrups and also throat lozenges; because it is the most natural cough remedy that is most effective.

3. Reducing digestion complaints
Digestive problems like heartburn, symptoms of stomach ulcers, diarrhea and constipation can be treated by using marshmallow root. It treats them by coating the stomach hence preventing acid from causing any discomfort of burning. You can use tea to treat any form of indigestion because tea works best and it is soothing to your stomach and does not cause any side effects.

4. Repairing the lining of the gut
If you are suffering from any form of inflammatory bowel disease, it is beneficial to you because it will help in solving your suffering. Marshmallow root helps in restoring the integrity of your gut lining, it does this by forming a layer that is protective around small junctions.

5. Fighting bacterial infections
Marshmallow helps in speeding up a healing process and naturally kills bacteria that can led to ailments. In case you happen to feel any symptom of tonsillitis, an infection in your urinary tract or respiratory infection attacking you, just take a marshmallow root medication and during the first sign of your discomfort and you will be healed. Once the marshmallow root is ingested, it will help you in increasing urine secretion which helps in improving your body’s ability to draw bacteria through the urinary tract. That is why it is recommended to treat symptoms of kidney stone.

Where to Buy Marshmallow roots?

You can buy marshmallow root medicine from any health food stores or even online if you want.

Side effects of marshmallow roots

Generally, marshmallow root is safe but it is associated with few side effects. These side effects are:
· It coats the lining of your stomach and can interfere with absorption of other drugs that you are taking. It can also affect how other medications you are taking are excreted from the body.
· It can interfere with the control of normal blood sugar. Therefore if you are taking insulin, diabetic or prediabetic you should see a doctor before using marshmallow roots.
· If you have a scheduled surgery, you should try and stop taking marshmallow roots about 2 weeks before the surgery. This is because marshmallow roots affect the retention of fluid, formation of    blood platelet and levels of sugar in your blood.

In conclusion, if you were in doubts that marshmallow root can be used for treatment, then you have now seen what it does. I would personally recommend it to you because it has no side effects unless you use it when you are under other medications.

4 thoughts on “Marshmallow Roots Benefits

  1. This might sound like a stupid question, but there’s no marshmallow in marshmallow candy, right? Was there ever? I think that’s how the vast majority of people know this name, and their main association. It’s cool that it’s actually a plant with so many medicinal uses. Where would you recommend buying it? Is there a form you prefer over others?

    1. Hi Penny, unfortunately the marshmallow candy is sugar, gelatin and stuffs nothing to do with marshmallow root but how I wish it is made up of that and we can eat without guilt 😛 I actually recommend this shop Starwest Botanical which stock almost every herbs that I wanted to buy. They have marshmallow root too check them out. I prefer powder form for ease of use. Hope this helps.

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