Review: The Complete Leaky Gut Health & Diet Guide : Improve Everything from Autoimmune Conditions to Eczema by Healing Your Gut

Available at Amazon :The Complete Leaky Gut Health and Diet Guide: Improve Everything from Autoimmune Conditions to Eczema by Healing Your Gut

Available at Books depository: The Complete Leaky Gut Health and Diet Guide: Improve Everything from Autoimmune Conditions to Eczema by Healing Your Gut

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Whole Food Plant-Based Diet- Perfect Way to Enjoy a Healthy And Happy Lifestyle

Have you ever wondered why some of the health problems we face today were never there during the days of our ancestors? Well, I know you have, but what could have changed over the years? One thing we are both sure of is that the current advancement in medical knowledge should have served to make life better for us. The secret lies in the diet of our ancestors. Unlike us, they had to survive on natural, plant-based foods because they lacked the necessary knowledge, tools and equipment to process food.

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Natural remedies for leaky gut

Generally speaking Leaky Gut Syndrome is caused by inflammation and irritation of the intestines. While the cause of this irritation could be for multiple reasons, the outcome is that the intestines become more porous and allow toxins and contaminants that would normally be filtered into the bloodstream. The initial symptoms of Leaky Gut Syndrome are primarily gastrointestinal manifestations, such as constipation, bloating, diarrhea, cramps and pain, however, once these contaminants have entered the bloodstream they can build up in other organs of the body causing significantly more serious issues like autoimmune diseases.

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Health benefits of eating cilantro

Cilantro otherwise known as Chinese parsley or coriander is usually used in Chinese dishes as a topper to add colour to the dishes. It is also used in other Asian cuisine to add flavor to the dishes. Before I came to know of the health benefits of eating cilantro, I usually ate the rest of the dish and threw away the cilantro, thinking they are just garnishes. Little do I know that this tiny herb actually has amazing health benefits when consumed.

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STARWEST BOTANICALS-Good Quality Herbs and Spices

The quality of herbs and spices can make a difference in the potency and effectiveness. Hence, it is very important that the herbs and spices that we sourced are fresh and of higher quality.

Starwest Botanicals is one of the places where I get my supply of herbs and spices. They have been in this business since 1975 and pride themselves with the quality of the herbs and spices they carry. Not only that, they also support sustainable environmental practices and their organic products and processes are certified.

Starwest Botanicals carry an impressive range of more than 3,000 natural product. Option of bulk purchase  is available and this make the prices very competitive with no compromise on the quality of the products. Read more

Chemicals to avoid in cosmetics

Our skin is the largest organ on our body which protects,regulates and gives us sensation. It also has the function of detoxing – excreting toxin through sweat. Hence, this makes it even more important that we are aware of the things that we apply on on our skin. The cosmetics and skincare industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. The decision to purchase certain product is usually driven very much by the brand name, the advertisement and promotions. People often do not question on the ingredients of the products. Do you know what is in your cosmetics? What are the chemicals to avoid in cosmetics?

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Myths about organic foods

Eating organic seems to be the hype in recent years. The demand for organic foods have increased over the years as people are concerned about health and the environment. We see many products being labelled as organics in the market but what does organic food really mean? Is there a direct relation between eating organic and health? Read more


Cardamom, a spice used by the Indians in their cooking, is very aromactic and has a rich spicy and warm property. The spice is actually derived from the seeds of two genera of Cardamom plants-Elettaria (green) and Amomum (black). They are part of the Zingiberaceae family, similar to Ginger. Besides being used in cooking, Cardamon has many health and medicinal benefits and hence were used in Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicines. Read more