Whole : Rethinking the Science of Nutrition


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This is one book you should read if you care about health and nutrition. You will feel more confident than ever about your and your family’s well being after reading this book. This book is well researched and is no doubt a great read. After the phenomenal success of The China Study, Dr Campbell carries the torch of enlightenment way ahead with this book. This book also gives a serious jolt to the conventional way of thinking about food, nutrition and health. The reader who have already read The China Study would not be surprised with the findings in this book but those who are reading Dr. Campbell for the first time are surely in for a ride.

The book helps you develop a whole new perspective about food with its whole food, plant-based approach. The writing is lucid so even if you find some difficulty understanding a paragraph or a two, you would not miss the gist of the book which is quite clear. The book convinces its reader to lead a healthy life with a diet without added fat, salt or refined carbohydrates. This is not at all surprising when you read the findings and research in this book.

Dr. Campbell also takes on modern medicine, supplementation and social policy. He explains why modern way of treating a disease is a two fold disaster. We learn that much of the so called modern medicine system is busy treating symptoms rather than focusing on preventing disease. He also explains why taking isolated supplements are not as good as you think. The book then focuses on the how the animal food production system is causing harm and wasting resources in huge amount. The book tries to spread awareness and bring social message about animal cruelty, testing, farming methods and human poverty.

As we progress into the book, we find that many so called experts in industry are under heavy influence of big corporations. The general public has little information and no access to the truth. We also find that many experts who we rely upon, may be intentionally hiding something or not telling us everything we need to know. Which is quite disturbing. The book also explains that even in the age of modern technology there is still a lot to know about how the human body functions.

The book concludes with the ideas that can bring change in healthcare system. It also inspires the reader’s mind and asks them to bring small changes in their lives that would result in betterment and happiness for all. Dr Campbell puts great hope in individual efforts. He thinks change in individual habits and behaviour patterns would be a precursor for change in government or organisation level, not vice versa.
So the readers who wish to get updated with most honest and serious knowledge about nutrition and health. This is the book for you. Not many book like this come every few years, once you get the hang of it you would know that this book contains a lifetime worth of wisdom.
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6 thoughts on “Whole : Rethinking the Science of Nutrition

  1. I absolutely agree that Doctors these days are re-active rather than pro-active. Of course, they are in tow with these pharma companies, there is definitely a connection there. It’s good to hear about someone thinking about prevention rather than trying to fix it after the horse has bolted! Nice review, this sounds like a good read. I’ll check it out.

    1. Hi Craig, yes however I do think there are a new breed of doctors who are more holistic in their approach. Prevention is always than cure as the saying goes.

  2. The book sounds very interesting and like something I should read. I am aware of the China Study and have read much about it. It’s undeniable that we are being lied to on many levels by our government and 98% of the country does not see it. They believe it only happens in other places like China or North Korea. The way Americans selfishly eat meat makes me sad. We could feed the entire world on the grains used to feed cattle for meat in the US. But, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and life. I am just trying to lighten my footprint. Thank you for your article.

    1. I think we have similar interest and view. Our family is not totally off meat but we do try to take more plant food instead. Not only for the animals sake but also for our own health.

  3. Wow, this is a great book to recommend. I would like to get one and read about it. Healthy and nutrition are important for everyone. Gain more knowledge about healthy is a must. Thanks for sharing!

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